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Welcome to Heart of Peace Reiki

Reiki Sessions CO

The trusted authority in both human and animal Reiki healing.
If you're in Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Denver, Colorado Springs, or Parker, Colorado, and are looking for the best place to go for trusted holistic health services that can truly help bring healing and balance back into your life and into your health, you couldn't have come to a better place!

Heart Of Peace Reiki is a place dedicated to spiritual healing and holistic health. We cater to the holistic health needs of individuals as well as their animals. We are committed to providing exceptional Reiki Sessions in CO that brings about revitalization and an overall feeling of wholeness and balance.

Here at Heart Of Peace Reiki, our clients get personalized service from a Usui Reiki Master with over 15 years of experience. We seek to serve those who keep an open mind to spiritual healing and holistic health through Reiki Sessions in CO, spiritual healing sessions, and Reiki animal healing and communication sessions.

We offer Reiki classes to certify people who would like to learn more about Reiki and apply its principles more profoundly in their own life as well as in the service of other individuals who need help with spiritual healing and holistic health.

If you are in the Castle Rock, Castle Pines, Denver, Colorado Springs, Parker, or other surrounding areas in the state of Colorado, and are in need of personalized holistic healing services for you and for your beloved pets, there's only one name to keep in mind - Heart Of Peace Reiki.

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What People Are Saying
  1. "I was introduced to Erin about 8 years ago from my Chiropractor whom could not say enough about her healing and helping skills. I have several auto-immune conditions and consequently suffer from chronic pain and a weekly requirement of eastern therapies. I had never experienced Reiki- nor barely heard of it- and the first time I was with Erin my initial "take away" was an incredible sense of calm and pain relief. Not quite believing the outcome of the session. I scheduled another appointment and YES- my results were the same- if not better! Since the beginning or our relationship, I try my best to see Erin regularly- I referred many friends to her- and most exciting is that I turned her loose on my animals. I have horses/ dogs/ donkeys/ bunnies/ a cat- all of which experience similar issues as humans. The beauty of animals is that they are so pure in mind and spirit, their absorption of Reiki is much quicker and deeper. In addition, Erin has furthered her education and talents to communicating with the animals- with the spirit world and overall connects with energies not readily accessible to most of us. Erin has helped me more specifically with my fibromyalgia/ IBS/ depression/ severe joint pain from multiple surgeries/ and my connection to spirit.  With my most sincere gesture, I cannot think of any living being that will not benefit from Erin's skills and her loving- soft- energy. I literally fall into the "abyss" every time I lay on her table."
    Kim M.
  2. "I first became familiar with Erin’s work with Reiki and animal communication about six years ago. I was boarding my horse at facility that hired Erin to work with the horses quite a bit. I had seen her work with a horse that had severe injuries, some of which had not yet been diagnosed by the veterinarians. When I watched her explain the extent of the horse’s problems, I was in awe that the veterinarians were listening to what she conveyed to them from her working with the horse. When they followed up with her suggestions, and they found that her interpretation of what the horse was communicating proved to be correct. A short time after that my own horse was injured. Once again a group of excellent, well-educated veterinarians went to work on her. Over the course of a week to 10 days she did not seem to improve. I asked Erin to take a look at my horse and she told me that Skye was telling her it was her foot that hurt and not her leg. I then asked the veterinarians if they could x-ray her foot. Indeed they did find a fracture of her coffin bone in her foot. Since that time, I have worked with Erin on a monthly basis in a program I developed involving equine therapy for women with breast cancer. Her work with the horses has been nothing but astounding. Her ability to center and clear the horses with Reiki and keep them in the space to work with us is remarkable. Her ability to convey what the horses seem to want to or how the horses seem to want to be involved in the programs is nothing short of remarkable. She is also often been able to communicate on behalf of the horses things which there would be no way of her knowing. I believe Erin is truly gifted at Reiki and animal communication above anybody I've ever observed in the same field. The fact that CSU school of veterinary medicine will ask her for opinions on things is a testament to her abilities. I would trust her with any of my animals and I would believe anything that she told me about them."
    Diane C
  3. "I'm even walking better today! You're a marvel and you've got me hooked. I'm coming back next week!"
    Karen L
  4. "Very enlightening experience."
    Mary H