What is Reiki
 Reiki, pronounced "ray-key", is an ancient and natural form of stress reduction and amplified healing. Reiki literally means Universal Life Force Energy.  It is applied through non-invasive gentle touch. Reiki assists with removing emotional and physical trauma from the body. Through Reiki, people, and animals become extremely relaxed which then allows most to let go of pain and release tension that they may not have even known they were holding.  The benefits of Reiki are numerous. Here is a short list that many of our clients have expressed:
Reiki Sessions CO
  • Deep Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Increased Energy
  • Clarity
  • Joy
  • Enhanced Connection to Spirit
  • Decreases Recovery Time After Injury or Surgery
  • Overall Feeling of Well-Being

These benefits are felt long beyond the Reiki session.  A Reiki session is a clothes-on session and lasts about 75 minutes.  Each session is
customized to meet the needs of the individual, often including the use of gemstones and crystals, Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls and spiritual guidance.  
$75 per session
Animal and Equine Reiki

Animal Communication Castle Rock CO

Just like humans, animals experience stress, trauma and pain. Animals are very sensitive to energy and enjoy the gentle work of Reiki. Reiki and Animal Communication assists pets recovering from trauma or change – wonderful for rescued or newly adopted animals.

Reiki assists with balancing the energy flow within the body, just like it does for humans. I offer Reiki for all animals, specializing mainly in horses, dogs and cats. For Reiki Healing and Animal Communication in Castle Rock CO I travel your home or barn. No need to transport your animal companion.

In most cases the animals relax into a light slumber. It is incredibly humbling to watch horses specifically, as these majestic animals bow their head and slow their breathing in deep relaxation.

The affect is a more balanced, relaxed and happy animal. I also combine Animal Communication within a Reiki session as the two blend very well together. As I work with an animal, he/she, will often share insight into their situation which is beneficial to greater understanding for their human companion.

I have assisted animals with adjusting to a new home, recovering from surgery, and palliative care for cancer or other terminal illness. I am greatly honored to be able to assist animals to find comfort in their transitional times in life.
$75 per session 
Animal Communication Castle Rock CO
Animal Communication Castle Rock CO
Animal Communication Castle Rock CO